hdfollow Return Conditions (Refund Policy)

As is included in the Law No. 6502 on the Protection of Consumer Protection, the original packaging is damaged, destroyed, damaged products due to any use and disposable products, copyable games, software, delivery of the products and programs made in digital environment are not accepted. For your return requests, when you want to return the product you ordered for any reason after receiving the delivery, what you need to know is as follows.

hdfollow does not pay back except for the following reasons:

1- Failure to complete the order (within 72 hours)

2- Missing the order

3- Incorrect sending of the order

In the above three cases, the refunds requested for a different reason are not accepted. Missing shipments, incorrect shipments, non -completed orders are calculated and sent again.

Pay only with the payment methods that are legally belonging to yourself in the orders you give through hdfollow. Although the site management does not accept crimes from the payments made to our site, the orders of the people who have ordered with roads such as stolen cards will be canceled. In addition, hdfollow management holds the right to complain about the person.

Our site is not responsible for the delays/breaks experienced due to the updates made by social media channels. Since no one knows about when the updates will be made under which conditions, hdfollow does not accept responsibility in this regard. Since the services will continue after the update, the site management holds the right to order and return. The order time for the order belongs to the site management and the customer accepts it by accepting it.

Service cannot be provided as a result of incomplete and incorrect information in the form you have completed in the order section. You must fill in carefully with your account. Otherwise, your order will not be canceled and a fee refund will not be made.

The return requests of our customers whose orders are processed will not be accepted. Order at the time you decide to order.

Make sure your account is open to everyone during the orders you have given through hdfollow. There is no transfer to closed accounts and your order will not be canceled and no refund will be made. Refund is never made.

hdfollow has the right to cancel orders that do not receive positive comments by the management. The orders to be sent to accounts containing +18 and banned sharing will not be canceled and a refund will not be made.

The orders of people who scribble our site in different channels will be canceled. In addition, the fee received by the site management will not be returned. In line with this article, the site management always maintains this right. Our customers accept the order by accepting this article.

The items in the refund policy can be changed, added and deleted if you notify the customer. Our customers who have ordered through the site are deemed to have accepted these articles without question.

Without the completion of the orders you have created, all the responsibility that will arise in the purchase of the same service through a different company and/or site belongs to the customer.

Red from a legal and/or payment provider in the payments made to hdfollow has the right to cancel your order if the request is requested.

Users (customers) are obliged to verify that the information they provide to hdfollow is correct and up to date. For this reason, the problem arising from the problems may not be held responsible for the problems and return/refund cannot be made.